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Mann McGlynn is a specialist Fitout and Joinery recruitment company. We UNDERSTAND HOW DIFFICULT IT IS to find an opportunity that is both rewarding and suitable for your background and interests. We make the process of finding the next great step in your career a little less stressful and a whole lot easier. Whether you are Junior apprentice or Experienced hire looking for contract or permanent opportunity, we consistently have a variety of open jobs — and if our current openings fall short of your ideal role, then we’ll work start a tailored search to create opportunity for you. 


We have established relationships with key decision makers at every company that we represent and never send your information blindly. Whenever we initiate a client-candidate relationship, we have a clear understanding of the available opportunity, the company's values, culture and goals. In addition to the knowledge we share with you on our client’s and their expectations, it is imperative that you do your own due diligence and familiarise yourself with the company's work. Remember, we work for both you and our clients, so whenever we discuss opportunities, we are candid about both the positives and negatives of every opportunity and only disclose your information to clients with your consent. We ensure there are no surprises and everyone is happy.


We review your CV to ensure you are presenting yourself in the best light. This is an invaluable benefit, in that we share our industry expertise with you. Not only are well connected with our clients and the industry, but we are uniquely familiar with many companies growth strategic hiring plans, which allows us to beat the rush of resumes that come in once before the companies place ads. Sometimes we project a talent onto a client before they realise they need you. Most importantly, we represent you and your interests throughout your search and the interview process. This ensures an efficient interview process, optimal negotiation for any offer extended and a mutually beneficial agreement for both the candidate and the client to flourish.


Permanent roles have are long-term roles with unlimited growth potential. Mann McGlynn represents you throughout the process of finding that ideal fit, coordinates all interviews and negotiates maximum compensation. While we have access to the some advertised opportunities, the majority of our openings are unpublished and our clients are truly invested in hiring the right person immediately.

Contract roles are typically full-time, and project-based, where there is a defined timeline for the assignment. These opportunities allow you to work on a specific project or fill time in between your own projects. They are also great opportunities to show off your talent and create a potential longer-term, permanent opportunity…plus you get paid overtime for every hour you work over 40 hours per week!

These opportunities are set up in the same way as contract roles except there is an understanding that when the contract assignment is successfully completed, there is potential for the contractor to be converted into a permanent employee. This is a great trial period for both you and the client to see if there is a true professional and cultural fit for a long-term commitment.

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